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Booking of gigs and lessons:

Nikolay is available as:

1. Brass teacher/instructor

> Learn how how to breath correctly while making beautiful music on any brass instrument of your choice!


> FREE ONLINE MINI-LESSONS: Record up to 3 min of your playing, share the video with me by youtube or Facebook and you'll get up to 3 min of video with comments, advice and demonstations. This is available only 1/month for every student.

> Bookings and cancellations: Every lesson should be booked and payed at latest 1 week in advance and can be canceled at latest 24 hours before the scheduled time in which case the cost of the lesson will be reimbursed or resceduled for another time frame. Any cancelation beyond the above precised deadline will not be reimbursable, but can be rescheduled.

> Tuition Fees:

30min. - $20


45min. - $25


60min. - $30

The fees are payable by Paypal to

Monthly subscription:

You can subscribe for a monthly subscription, including 1 or 2 lesson per week. The monthly subscription (1 lesson/week) will give you respectively a 20% discount or even 25% discount (2 lessons/week). Please use the contact form to inquire about the monthly subscription.

The above prices do not include travel expenses to your location. All inquiries can be made through the contact form

Online lessons are available, all inquiries should be made through the contact form. The above prices apply.

To proceed to the Plans & Pricing page please click here.

2. Solo, Orchestra/Band/session musician.

Nikolay is available to perform as a soloist or as a member of orchestra, chamber groups and bands. All inquiries should be made through the contact form.

Tuition is available in:

English, French, Bulgarian and Russian.

You can reach Nikolay by calling +359 (0) 896 214 900 or using the contact form

3. Brass/horn tracks recordings.


Nikolay is available and set up to record horn tracks for internet projects. Prices and deadlines are negotiable, Use the contact form for all inquiries.

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Compressions Training System for brass

Compression training System for Brass -
We can deliver it all across the EU

Nikolay is distributing Larry's Meregillano Compression Training System for Brass within the EU and can assist you with registration and tutor you (in English, French, Bulgarian or Russian) through the initial stages of it's use. A free video call tutorial is guaranteed with every purchase of the CTS. Get a strong and reliable embouchure without annyoing your neighbourgs for the price of a decent mouthpiece. Send me a message

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