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Your thoughts are important to us:

Your comments about the website and Nikolay's work are important to us. Feel free to share them through the comment form.

Comments from my previous website:

"Salut Nikolay, Bravo pour le site. Meilleurs souvenirs depuis lécole de musique de Dompierre-Russy. Je te souhaite mes voeux sincères pour ta carrière musicale. Petit coucou depuis la région de la Broye. Amicalement, Michel bugnon Michel Bugnon <> (24.08.2005)


Salut Nikolay! Bravo pour ton super site, continue a croire dans ton travail! Salutations!!! Erico Fonseca <> (23.08.2005)


Bonjour, Nikolay! Merci pour ce petit signe et Bravo pour le site! Une seule suggestion: la photo. Il faudrait soigner cet aspect en ayant une couleur de fond au moins. Bien cordialement -- Henri Baeriswyl Rue de Lausanne 82 CH-1700 Fribourg Téléphone: +41 26 322.73.56 Portable: +41 76 560.73.56 Télécopie: +41 26 322.73.57 Henri Baeriswyl <> (22.08.2005)


Hello Nikolay, What a good surprise to discover your website! I've gone through it and found out a lot of interesting things about your professional career.When are you planning to visit us in Fribourg? How is life in the UK and how is your wife and your son? I'm planning to visit London one of these days; I'll ocntact you before so we can get together. In the meantime, congratulations and good luck to all three of you! With heartiest regards. Gerda Gerda Tuck <> (21.08.2005)"

Ancient website, 2005

"Hi Nikolay, I'm Luigi Gallo (italian hornist). Do you remember of me? I hope :) Thanks for email. Nice web site and good sound in Hindemith sonata. Congratulations.. Good luck for your future and See you soon. Bye. Luigi" Luigi Gallo, italian french horn player -


"I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at this brand new website...I hope other people have enjoyed it as much as I have. Nikolay Iliev is in every way a bold, exciting and versatile trumpeter whose natural flair for performance - combined with his superb musicianship and professional approach - leaves me in no doubt that he will rise to great heights in the performance world. It is an honour to have Nikolay as both a friend and colleague, and I hope that orchestras, agencies and other performing bodies around , Iain Mason, composer; This is really a nice site, and a lot of care has been put into it for sure. You have a very nice tone. It reminds me of that song, "feels so good" It was neat to hear that. However, I must say I was disappointed by not hearing a solo in Misty. Your interpretation seemed fairly... Robotic, almost... Kenny G-esque. Also, the selections you have put up are fairly simple. Maybe in the future we could see some music that was more complex, and showed some more of your musicality. Other than that, I liked it. Jazz Sax;


Nice site, nice playing!, Sofus"!your-thoughts, 2012

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